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Monday, 2 November 2015

The Renfrew Fair and Smash-Up Derby

Hello out there! Welcome back. I have been away from this blog for some time and I am working on catching up! As you may recall, Juliette was visiting from France and we were excited about spending two entire months together! Here are some highlights from our adventures, starting with the Renfrew Fair!

After our time spent in and around the Niagara region, Juliette and I went back to rural Canada to enjoy some time with my family. We were all excited about having her back. Despite only spending a week with my family last Christmas, Juliette made a very positive impression and my family was very excited about seeing her again.

A few days after Juliette and I were fully settled back at my family's home, we went out to the Renfrew Fair! The annual Fair is a staple in my town, one of the oldest in Canada, featuring all kinds of things from local music acts, local farmers showing off their livestock and machinery, the smash-up derby, auctions, prize draws, and the midway's rides and snacks. It is a quaint, fun affair that usually has something for everyone.

The first thing we saw was the derby. In case you haven't been to one before, it is quite simple: cars drive around in an enclosed area, smashing into each other, last car still running wins! The derby is a pretty big deal for people in this area; all year long competitors are keeping their eyes open for a car which could serve them well, and a lot of work is put into getting the car ready both performance and safety-wise.

We took Juliette up to the grandstands and had a great view of the entire Fair. The Sun set, the cars' lights lit up, blocked only by the dust and smoke the derby kicked up. We all had a great time and Juliette took several photos.

Between the action, and once the derby was over, Juliette took some great shots of the midway.

Later in the week, we returned to the Fair to check out some of the other attractions, as well as attend a Chilliwack concert! It was raining, crowded, and we got there late, but we enjoyed ourselves. I got to see some friends from high school, which was nice, but we were kind of rushing from one thing to another so we didn't get a chance to stop and talk. At one point, Juliette admitted that she had never been on an amusement park ride before. Seeking to rectify that situation, we bought some tickets and hopped on one. It is sometimes known as the Polar Bear Express, not to be confused with the train, and it is essentially a carousel of benches that move really quickly. The music was playing, lights going off, and the ride was moving so fast that Juliette squished me, but we laughed the entire time, it was great!

I had not been to the Renfrew Fair in years. It is usually just before the beginning of the school year and I have been away at school for a long time. It was nice to return to my roots, as we say, and I could not think of better company than with my family and Juliette.

Thanks for reading, I'm working on catching you up on more soon! 

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