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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Ad Absurdum: The Secret to a Maniacal Laugh

Hello everyone! Episode 2 of Ad Absurdum has been posted, and you can find it here! This time we talk about the secret to a maniacal laugh, among other things. Please read on for some background information!

The first thing I wished to discuss with Alex in our podcast was maniacal laughter. As I mentioned last time, Alex has a powerfully energetic personality. He is fun, funny, and can inspire such enthusiasm within himself and in those around him. Over the years, I have learned to find this within myself and, following his example, I have found my own "voice", and have used it for impressions, singing, and cackling with my friends.

Our first podcast was mostly just a trial, to see how good the audio quality would be considering the lag and difficulty of speaking with me over Skype. I suggested singing in the first podcast because it was something he and I had spoken of before and I knew he would be able to respond quickly, without prompting. While singing was a random topic, maniacal laughter, something both Alex and I have done a lot during games night with our friends, was something I really wanted to talk about.

And we did! The first 15 minutes of the video are a silly assemblage of stories involving casinos, and random movies, but then we began talking about the spectrum of maniacal laughter, discuss and analyse some of our favourites, and talk about why we thought the topic interesting and important.

Following the name of our podcast, Alex and I are thinking about tackling random, normally mundane, topics, and reducing them to absurdity. I think the topic for our next podcast will be pants! (Why we love them, hate them, think about them. Trust me, it'll be interesting.)

The quality of the content is improving over time, so please take a trip over to our Youtube channel, listen, and enjoy!

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