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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Dealing with Disappointment

Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by. Unfortunately, I have some bad news to report: I am not able to work with Clyde Space in Scotland, and after months of waiting, I am very disappointed. But there is hope, please read on. 
Anyone who knows me, or has been following this website, may recall that I was offered a job by Clyde Space, a satellite manufacturer in Scotland, several months ago, and have been very excited for it! I have been working to familiarize myself with Scotland, the UK, preparing myself and my paperwork for the trip, and getting ready to live a great life full of adventure and working in the space industry.

When I first contacted the company about the position, they told me that I would have to wait a while, as they had to offer the job to locals, residents of the UK, to ensure they provided opportunities to their own people first. This makes sense to me, and almost two months later, when they had not found anyone to their satisfaction, they contacted me again to schedule an interview.

Two interviews later, they sent me a job offer letter, and I accepted it. We then began work on the paperwork necessary for me to get over to Scotland and begin working. 

So I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Now, time often feels like it is moving slowly when you're waiting on something exciting, but I waited 4 months with no updates. I was beginning to get anxious, but I thought, no, the wait will be over soon and it will all be worth it.

Then I received an email from Clyde Space stating that the UK government had deemed that I "did not have sufficient experience to qualify for the visa".

My first reaction: shock. Really? Really? After all that? Wait...the government felt I didn't have enough experience but the company did?

I emailed back, asking for clarification. I also asked if there was something else we could try. The company didn't really explain much further and considered the case closed. They seemed just as disappointed and wanted me to reapply later in my career. One or two emails later, wherein I asked for guidance, I received very little help and the matter has been closed.

To say that I am disappointed would be accurate, yet insufficient.

To say that I am angry, frustrated, and fatigued would also be insufficient.

I am almost 30 years old and, to me, my career hasn't started yet. My education and academic opportunities have provided me with excellent knowledge and experience in this industry. I have been very fortunate to have worked on many amazing projects with incredible people, all over the world. But I have never had a paying job in my chosen field, and that has been very frustrating. 

I came from a very financially-modest family and, despite all the difficulties, have amassed great experiences which I believe make me a very valuable member of the space industry. However, all of my education has amassed an incredible amount of debt.

So, instead of moving to Scotland, living and working in an exciting new country with an exciting new job, I am stuck at home, having to search for part-time local work to cover my debts while I look for full-time, serious, career work in my field.

It has been a frustrating experience.

My family and friends have been incredibly supportive. I have told a few of them, when I could, in person, waiting until now to make the news public to all, and everyone has been very kind, helpful, and encouraging. I am very fortunate to have so many good people in my life, so many people who believe in me, even when things look the worst, the least certain, and it bolsters my heart, and helps me feel the confidence they have in me.

I am also glad with how I have personally reacted. After the first few minutes of shock, my next response was an incredible feeling of determination. I will not give up, this is the field I want to work in, and while this opportunity didn't work out for me, something will. I have become more determined than ever to be successful in this field, to be able to look back on the challenges, obstacles, bad times, and appreciate them through the lens of retrospection, know that the bad times led me to the good. 

I have taken a few weeks off, visited some friends, have some great moments, just allowed myself to refresh so I can get back to the job hunt and, this time, find and begin working somewhere amazing, somewhere which will help challenge me in all the right ways, help me learn more about this industry, and provide me with opportunities to grow and expand my capabilities.

The obstacles in my life have felt like a leash, a burden holding me back, but I am ambitious, hardworking, and a quick learner. I truly believe that, given the chance, I could make great strides in this industry. 

And that's what I hope to do. I just need to find my way in, my next great adventure.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

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