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About this site

Welcome, and thanks for coming!

My name is Dallas Kasaboski, and I am a space engineer and satellite market research analyst, currently working for Northern Sky Research, who enjoys updating people on interesting space-related activities, as well as personal adventures.

Should you be interested in my career path, you can find my LinkedIn page in the embedded link, as well as a discussion of such on my Career page. I will keep it as up-to-date as possible. Should you then be interested in knowing more about me, my interests are displayed, categorically, on the labels on the left side of the page, with Engineering being the most relevant. Feel free to contact me at should you so desire.

Should you be a casual visitor, I make the same recommendations as above: my interests are listed in the labels on the left side, my up-to-date thoughts are posted via Twitter on the right side, and the archive at the bottom left makes it easier to see what interests me. I am sure this, as well as such sites in general, will be of far greater interest to me than to you, but I thank you for visiting, and I hope you find it enlightening.