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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

A night at the Colterman's

Our first couple of weeks at home were quite busy, and we went out almost every day, showing Juliette the sights and introducing her to many people. Ours is a rather close community, and everyone was excited to see this mysterious French girl they had heard so much about.

One stop included a trip to the home of our friends, the Coltermans. Good friends of my family, the Coltermans are very gracious people, enjoying the serenity of a beautiful home, and a cottage right next to a small lake. They rent out the cottage often and, perhaps, with Juliette's help, you can see why.

It is often very rewarding to see things from a fresh perspective. I grew up in this type of natural environment, so while it is special to me, it is nothing new. There is an odd spectrum of how we "take things for granted", starting from the wild-eyed enthusiasm of seeing/experiencing something for the first time, all the way to apathy. However, I feel there is a richness of emotion in the middle of the spectrum, where it is not so much apathy as certainty. The beauty of nature in Canada is not lost on me, it is a part of me, so while I may not feel as excited about it as Juliette, her enthusiasm reminded me of how much I love Canada, and its wild ways.

Anyway, that is enough abstract musing for now. We had a nice time at the Colterman's and it was worth it to just have a nice quiet night with my family and Juliette.

Thanks again, see you soon!  

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