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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Woohoo Trivia and Taking Time

Last night, I went out with a friend to partake in a Simpsons trivia event at the Cadillac Lounge. (Search for Woohoo Trivia Toronto, I'll post a link soon)

We were a team of two looking for a group to join since others had bailed.

We arrived early, grabbed a table, and I grabbed food while she coordinated and got our team together.

Finally, we were assembled, a team of 6-7 which changed over the course of the night but were all united in two specific ways: our love of the Simpsons and the fact that we were all strangers. We were all friends of this someone or that who knew a guy who wasn't there but somehow brought us all together.

It was an enjoyable experience in many ways. The event consisted of three rounds of trivia with episodes of the Simpsons in between. A host asked questions and we marked the score sheets of other teams when she gave the answers. There was beer, laughter, and quoting all over the place as the pub's passions ignited in a way not seen since the Stonecutters.

I work quite a lot, and I usually work weird hours. So it was nice to be surrounded by such an enthusiastic atmosphere. And while I normally withdraw in big groups, I found myself comfortable; talking and listening.

I've been taking a "Yes" approach this summer and trying to go out as often as I can. I have been re-discovering Toronto and, as usual, myself.

I spend so much time devoted to academic and intellectual growth that I often neglect other areas. Health, be it physical, or emotional, is often tucked aside. I've been working hard to merge the important aspects of my life in order to become a more balanced, well-rounded person but excellence is a habit, not an act.

If you can, take some time for yourself today, even if that time is spent thinking about what is important to you, I promise, you'll have a better day.

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