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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Why Would I Want to be a Space Engineer? Part 2

Sometimes, the question is asked negatively, as in, why would I waste my time in this field? Space missions are expensive, the avenues for employment, let alone advancement are small, and the pay is not out of this world. *insert Fozzie Bear laugh* There are problems here on the ground, why look elsewhere?

Well, for the first few concerns, just because something is difficult does not mean I should avoid it. I enjoy a challenge. While space missions can be difficult and expensive, so are most things until some brilliant people, luck, and hard work come along to make it easier. We have space missions and rocket launches running every day, all around the world and you are reading this post thanks to a few of them.

Financial reward has rarely been a concern for me. I chose this career because it's what I want to do, not because I had a set salary in mind. I come from a modest background and enjoy productivity and proper compensation. If I'm making what I feel entitled to be making, I'll be happy, and well off, I know it.

There are many problems here on Earth, problems I'm interested in working on, but I still think space engineering holds some answers.

The two areas I'm currently most interested in are: spacecraft design, and protection from the space environment. The first will force me to consider designs which are better performing, cheaper, more resilient, and more energy/material efficient. Once I learn and apply those practices, I'll be better equipped to apply them here in Earth. A better waste reduction system is needed both in space and here on Earth. A more efficient air recyling and purifying system will be needed everywhere soon if we're not lucky. So, while I could focus my sights here to the problems of Earth, space is my muse so I'll continue to let it inspire me.

I chose this career, and cannot see myself deviating from this course, because I enjoy the challenges, risks, and rewards, and because it inspires me.

Finally, I think John F. Kennedy sums it up very well right here.

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