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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Mark's Journal #16: In Search of Fate...

Mark’s 16th Journal – 05-14-10

I awoke sometime in the night. I know this because I was not alone. I had been dreaming of being lost and alone. Groping around in the darkness, I could not find anything that felt familiar.

Waking, as I said, to darkness wasn’t all that comforting, and for a moment I wondered if I was really awake, but there are senses other than sight. I could smell the subdued coals of the fire nearby, and hear Leviss snoring peacefully to my right. I was glad that he was getting some rest. Normally, the most energetic and optimistic of our group, Leviss has been quiet as of late. While the healers assured us that his legs would mend in time, Leviss’ introversion has not altered so far. I understand what he is going through. Blinded in battle and having your world suddenly changed does demand a bit of introspection, if not outright hostility.

Sitting up, I felt the cold wind and knew that the sun would not be up for some time. Wondering to myself who was on watch detail, I took a deeper breath, trying to read my surroundings. I could smell Leviss, barely, and yes! There it was, the faint smell of wax, candle wax to be precise, emanating from James, letting me know that he was still nearby. Avaron then, Avaron was on watch.

Thinking as I so often do, my mind dwelled on Avaron for some time. I realized that the two of us had barely spoken lately, barely spoken at all during our time together, but I felt closer to her at times than to anyone else. We shared the burden of responsibility, the need to take charge of situations and protect others. Of course, James and Leviss shared these feelings, but in a different way. Avaron and I were always thinking, always planning. I looked to her for guidance, and for support in my decisions, and she did to me. I had never known her to be outwardly emotional. Without a doubt, the most practical person I have ever met, Avaron would have found the notion of inner-reflection a private one, if not an unnecessary one. We had never talked about her father’s death, and she had never made mention what it was like to be in a city so touched by his presence. But, now we had left it, in ruins, but hopefully for the better, and I wondered what she was thinking.

“Avaron?” I called.
“Here. Don’t worry,” she said.

Having checked that my sword and shield were exactly as I left them, ready should I need them, I left Avaron to her thoughts and fell back asleep, dreaming of sunrises.

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