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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Getting ready to move to Edmonton...

I seem to be the type of blogger who updates you in lump sums. Usually, I like this because I don't want to bore you with the minutia of life, but I think I'll start blogging a little more, as my life is going to become very busy again, and I hate going for so long without letting you all know what's been going on.

I began packing my stuff yesterday, getting ready for the big move to Edmonton. So far, it's been a straightforward and easy process. Packing is a great way to remind yourself of your priorities. In no particular order, my priorities seem to be: family, friends, Dungeons and Dragons, Star Trek, writing, movies, and memories. I probably could have guessed that, but it's interesting to observe my packing habits afterward.

Right now, I am copying all of my DVDs to my external hard drives, something I've been meaning to do for awhile, but had not gotten around to. In particular, I have this one hard drive, called MEMORYALPHA, which I've been slowly updating with everything related to Star Trek. Soon, it will have all the movies and all episodes of every series of Star Trek, except Deep Space Nine...we don't mention Deep Space Nine in my house, haha. Not only do I like the idea of all my Star Trek stuff in one location, I like the idea of having it ready in case someone wants to watch any of it but hasn't. Oh, you haven't seen Star Trek, here you go! But...what's on it? ALL OF IT! (Except Deep Space Nine...haha)

Anyway, I'm silly like that. And really, I shouldn't even be blogging now, but I'm tired of packing, and I'm ahead of schedule anyway. Looking around my room, another thing I notice is that I both have and don't have a lot of books. Meaning, what books I have fills every box and shelf I own, but also that I look forward to one day having a house with a massive library in it, maybe with one of those rolling ladders! I hope to get through some heavy reading this summer and provide you with my thoughts! I just finished reading Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and will be let you know what I think soon.

I settled the apartment issue a few days ago. I have a nice 1 bedroom apartment close to transit, and apparently laserquest, so that's cool. I might have a chance of winning with my friend Jason not being in the province. He plays all the time and pretty much doubles the score of anyone who gets second place. It's a nice area, and I look forward to having a place of my own, as I've never really had that. I mean, I've had a lot of freedom and good fortune with my roommates these past couple of years, but I can tell I'm going to have a lot of one-sided arguments in my new place.

"Hey, who didn't clean up after themselves....oh ya, that was me."

One thing that will be unfortunate is knowing that all my stuff is here in Toronto when I could really use it in my new place in Edmonton. I'm hoping Craigslist/Kijiji will be my friend and I'm hoping to find some decent stuff to make my apartment a home. I'm sure it will go well, it'll be like a scavenger hunt!

And I have some friends and family out there. It's going to be a very big change for me, as I've spent the last few years surrounding myself with many friends as much as possible. It's weird, I'm the guy who likes to be alone, but also likes to be surrounded by friends. Sometimes, I even like to be alone in my mind while surrounded by people. So, moving out to somewhere completely new, well, that will be interesting in ways I cannot and have not imagined. But, I'm pretty tough, and like meeting new people, so that'll be fine. And with some other friends moving away, I've learned that distance does not determine the strength of a relationship, but rather the reverse. I'm still very good friends with someone who lives 5 timezones away. Sometimes, I miss the good old days when she was 3 floors away, but life goes on, and I'm happy we're still friends. I'm also on very good terms with a friend who lives 2 timezones away, in the other direction. In fact, our friendship blossomed because of the distance. We're both quiet people, innately anyway, and the distance helped us to communicate without making it uncomfortable. She's one of the few friends I have out there, so I look forward to seeing her again. She's offered to show me the sights of Edmonton and Alberta beyond, so I'm sure you'll see a lot of that on here, as I want you all to adventure with me!

And well, that's about all I have to offer right now. I'm on the cusp of something big, but I still have a lot of work before that happens. Plus, I'm not even leaving the province for another couple of weeks, spending that time at home with family, and going to Ottawa's ComicCon! I look forward to keeping you updated and, as always, thanks for reading!

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