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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Mark's Journal #14: Shattered legs and shattered bonds...

Mark’s fourteenth journal 02/03/10

After our latest clash, we were in need of a rest. As you may recall, we stood toe-to-toe with the head goblin and his magical and non-magical minions alike. While we were less than effective when it came to destroying his forces, we held them just long enough for Avaron’s professor to burst through and clean house.

Like, I said, we were in need of a rest. James went into the library, looking for solace, and praying to his god for strength and guidance. While lying on the ground, I could not shake the feeling that we were not done yet. I could hear voices, the voices of professors, coming from down the main walk, and I proposed to Avaron and Leviss that we follow. Halfway there, we encountered something we did not expect. A great tear could be felt and heard, coming from the ground. I could tell that whatever it was, it was gigantic. Leviss pulled me back, and told me to run with him. I could hear a cackling voice from up above and, amid all the chaos, I recognized it as Drew’s, the Geomancy student who had accompanied us to Aristaal. He was ranting and raving about how we were ruining nature, and that he would right what had been wrong. Dodging this way and that, Avaron told me that it was a huge beast, composed of rock and vine, with Drew at the top. No one was around, and Drew was destroying what little was left of the city. I swept Leviss onto my shoulders and ran in the direction of the earth-shakes. Under his guidance, I was able to leap onto the legs, if you could call them that, of the creature.

Instructing Leviss, we tied myself to the creature, and Leviss to my bag. Climbing up, I heard Leviss say that Avaron had joined us on the other leg. Climbing, slashing, and holding on for our lives, I heard Leviss scream Avaron’s name. Dropping Leviss on the vine, I climbed with more ferocity. I thought he had just killed my friend through his chaos, and I meant to bring him down. Suddenly, the entire vine shook, back and forth, and I almost fell off. That was when I heard the snap. Leviss had secured himself between the vines, but the force broke his legs. I was…shocked, enraged, insane, I couldn’t act, and yet I could not remain still, but still I was. The sinewy vines wrapped around me and all I could do was hold onto the vine with one hand, and Leviss with another. I heard a voice call out to me, telling me to, “Time it right”, and then an eagle’s cry. Without much thought, I waited until I could hear the beating of the wings I knew must be there, and then jumped off while holding Leviss. Talons clutched bone, and I nearly bit off my own tongue in agony.

Not being able to see, I couldn’t tell if I blacked out. Imagination, visions, and dreams were all that I see. As soon as we had landed, the claws ripped their way out of my arm. With no care toward my own health, I called for Leviss. Over and over, I couldn’t find him. My closest friend, my eyes, he was…there he was. He was breathing, but with effort. Touching him lightly, I couldn’t believe what I was feeling. He was fine from the waist up, but from there down, his legs were like Jello. The lightest touch made him scream in agony. I…I had no idea what to do, I felt around the ground, found two sticks, ripped some of my robes, tried to make a splint, too insane with desperation to realize this wouldn’t help. I was so absorbed in what I was doing, I didn’t notice the people around me until I was pulled back off of Leviss. Fighting, mad with protective rage, I tried to free myself from these people. Who were they? How dare they take me away from Leviss? Then, another voice, a girl’s voice, Avaron’s voice. She said she was alright, told me to relax, we were near the hospital, and some men were taking Leviss there. I collapsed to my knees, and prayed.

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