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Sunday, 22 April 2012

More thoughts on turning 25 years old...

A little while ago, I wrote a post about turning 25. However, due to being so busy, I wasn't able to have my birthday party until last night. It may not sound like a big deal, but having to wait almost 3 weeks to celebrate with my friends, well that was both a first, and a sad part of my busy life.

However, I am almost done for this school year, and last night's party was a fantastic success!

As I look around my apartment, noting how messy, disorganized, and fun the place looks, I think back to last night.

Some friends stayed over and offered to help me start setting up before noon yesterday. I had looked through all my photos, every photo I took, or had taken, of me and my friends over the past 6 years and had 200 of my favourite printed. Some more friends from down the street came over and helped with putting those up as well as helping me blow up balloons and put up streamers. It's been years since I've had balloons at my birthday, it's a little thing, but it made me happy!

As friends started trickling in, the party became more and more awesome. I moved some furniture around, remembering that I had invited everyone I possibly could, and put up a couple of sheets of paper on one wall, blank and ready for people to fill in with a fond memory/time we had together. (It's also a great way to lazily not have to decorate one wall, as your friends will do it for you, haha)

Chips, pop, juice, fruit, cake and cake, and friends, and sushi, and chicken wings, food was everywhere, as abundant and welcome as my friends.

I had 3 Skype calls which I had been very excited for and were very special to me. The first was from a dear friend overseas, working on her graduate studies in Environmental Archaeology at Oxford (I know, awesome right?). We've drifted apart both literally and figuratively, and I was very happy we could share some time together. The second call was from another dear and not so near friend of mine, working on becoming a lawyer at the University of Alberta (I know, I have ambitious friends). Since she moved out west, we've actually become closer friends, and I was very happy that she could take some time out of her studies, and in between exams, to say hello. The third was from my immediate family, not studying for anything, haha, but still ambitious in their own right. My family didn't call me until later in the evening, and I must point out to them now how much I missed them. I lead a busy life, and unfortunately, less connected to them than in the past. Sometimes, I wonder if they think I've forgotten about them. The truth is, sometimes I get so wrapped up in things that it's not that I've forgotten about anyone, it's that I've had to set them aside for the moment, to get things done.

Anyway, all three calls were very special to me and that's why they get their own paragraph, and I hope you distant people know how much you mean to me.

Also, it was nice showing them around the party. I mean, the party was for me, but it's also for my friends and family. Not everyone gets a chance to see each other, and I've worked hard to have a reputation over the years for bringing people together.

My apartment was full, but in a free to move around kind of way. I had people in the kitchen, living room, dining room (it's all open concept so really it's one big room). I especially enjoyed that no one seemed to feel isolated or introverted. I understand feeling this way, and sometimes at parties, it hits me more than most, but everyone seemed to have a great time, and people who haven't seen each other in quite some time, or maybe even ever before, seemed to be hitting it off. Sometimes, I like to sit back and watch my parties, evaluate them and the level of fun being had. I did this a couple of times last night and it was just really nice to see everyone having fun.

Sorry, I am rambling. The reality of it all set in last night, though. I mean, that was the point, but my mood went up and up and up, and then, well, I had trouble holding back tears toward the later part of the evening. Most of my friends had left, but a few remained. My memory board was full of some good times, and silly drawings. It still makes me a little sad to think about it, (but in a good way?).

I'm very excited to be taking this next step. I am in need of a change, and with grad school ahead of me, I might not get another chance to be "responsibly irresponsible", as I like to call this. It's not really irresponsible, but I like the idea of just doing what I want, and going where I want, knowing I will be fine either way. Edmonton, my destination of choice, looks to be a fantastic place, full of opportunity and adventure. I am booking a flight today, filling out the paperwork for an apartment today, and hopefully, soon, I will have a decent job locked in and guaranteed.

Thankfully, enough, I'm not a person afraid of being alone. Perhaps, it's because I never am. My friends and family are with me, in my thoughts, wherever I go. Perhaps, it's because I have a couple of friends out there, and I look forward to spending some time with them.

Mostly, it's because of who I am, and that I finally am getting to know that person. I have always had a sense of doubt, but also a very strong confidence. Since coming to university, I have grown up. I have learned more about myself, and I have had a very amazing time with my friends. I will miss the ease and familiarity of this place, I will miss seeing so many close friends at the drop of a hat, but I look forward to the adventure, and just because I am gone doesn't mean I will lose my friends.

I've booked a flight for Edmonton, leaving on the end of May. I look forward to getting myself prepared, and having some more good times with those here in Ontario.

Here, I want to thank my friends and family. Each and every person who has been a part of my life has left it better and richer than before. I have been extremely blessed to have had such amazing companionship over the years, and I love you all.

To everyone who came to my party, or called, I had the best time. You helped give me exactly what I wanted for my birthday. Like all times before it, and those to come, it was wonderful, beautiful, amazing, and I will hold it in my heart forever.

P.S. For anyone who wants any of the photos from that night, or the ones on the wall, let me know, we'll see what we can do. And if anyone who came has any photos to share, please let me know!

Once again, thanks, for everything.

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