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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Drawings for Ori!

Can you draw? Doodle? Make any kind of graphical sense on paper?

If so, and if you're ever looking for things to draw, I've completed a list and I need your help.

The thing is, I'm great with words, sometimes too great as I use too many, haha, but I cannot draw. I could probably make a very simple sketch, but it would take me too long, and not look very good at all.

So, if you think you can, and if you'd be interested, I have included a list of things from my journals that I would love to see made, even if on the back of a napkin.

The items are here, along with a brief description of what things are:
Doodles and Drawings for Ori

The items on the list are for a book I am making, about the journals I have posted here:
In Search of Fate - unedited

and edited and posted on my blog, under the label In Search of Fate.

But, feel free to experiment, play around, see what you come up with. Remember, I have 0 drawing ability so even your worst is worthy of my attention. If any of these inspire you to draw, well, I'm happy to help, and would love hearing from you and seeing what you come up with!

Either way, thanks for reading, more to come in the not so distant future!

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