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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Smallville: My short recommendation

I started watching Smallville when it first came out in 2001. I followed it for awhile, and then life and my general disinterest in television prevented me from following the series to completion...until now. I recently ran out of other shows to watch and decided it was time to start and finish the entire series.
I make it sound like torture, but it really wasn't. I am a huge Superman fan, and self-proclaimed expert, but the show is 10 seasons long, that's a bit daunting. Not to mention that I already had my problems with the few seasons I had seen and wasn't sure I'd like the rest. But, I figured I cannot properly complain about a TV show until I had either seen enough to break my interest entirely, or until I watched the whole thing and could take it in.
Let me just say here and now that I liked it. It's a long journey, but really does a great job of getting Clark Kent from his Smallville roots to the hero he eventually becomes.
The first couple of seasons are typical high-school drama, basically mixing the usual woes and worries of a hormone-driven teenager with those of a hero in training. It’s a little repetitive and honestly could have been done better, but thankfully, it does get better.
Later, the scale of things increases, the characters become more real and their struggles draw us in. Eventually Clark becomes the character we know and love and I enjoyed watching how these developments came to pass.
While the show changed a few key things, it also kept many of those things intact, and while drawing out the plot of what happens to Clark before becoming Superman can be a bit tiring, it was also very rewarding getting to know the man behind the steel.
If you like Superman, super-heroes, and drama, all played out by attractive 20-something actors and actresses, you’ll like Smallville. Give it a look, but if you’re only mildly interested, I’d suggest watching only some of the later seasons.

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