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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Holidays, 2011

Wow, it has been a crazy fall term. But it is over, and I am back home for the holidays!

Tonight is my third night back, and really my first time when I've felt I could relax. I had a few labs due so any spare time I had, I was working on those. Additionally, I didn't get back until quite late on Thursday, and my time's been pretty much occupied the last couple of days. So, what have I been doing?

Well, after Thursday night's bus and car ride home, I spent it just relaxing with my immediate family. I always feel like I'm sneaking into the house as I usually end up getting home late, and some family members have to awake just to see me. It was nice. The comforting feeling of home hasn't changed, even though the layout has slightly.

My Nannie, my mom's mom, which sounds funny to say, mom's mom, like a man's man, or something weird like that...where was I? Right, my Nannie moved in with us. For awhile now, my mom has been taking care of her, my Nannie being 82 and all, and now it's just easier with her being down the hall, as opposed to at her own place. My parents, and my sister, did an amazing job of setting up her room. Honestly, sometimes I take their hard work for granted, but my family is ridiculously amazing at pulling off an insane amount of work in a very short time period. And I have to say, I'm impressed. My Nannie's room is pretty awesome; full of her own stuff, 50" TV, pictures of her friends and family, little electric wood stove, it's almost the nicest room in the house. It's also really nice seeing her so much. She gets a little moody, wanting to be at her old home, and she requires nigh-constant vigilance, but it's not so bad, and it's great to be able to spend as much time with her as I want. I do have to praise my mom, my dad, and my sister, though. They've had to deal with so much, and they've done it with their usual high-stressed, but functional, flair. My family has such strength, and it is by their example that I am reminded how strong and capable I can be.

On a less serious note, my dad and I went on a bit of a nature hike yesterday. It was unexpected, as my dad and I rarely do things just the two of us, but it was good. Cold, but nice. We didn't see a lot of animals, even though we were hoping to, just a partridge and a crow. That's one of my favourite things about coming home, the beauty and serenity of my backyard. My family owns ~40 acres of land, mostly forested, and it is so calming to walk around and hear nothing at all. It was a nice walk, and another great start to my holidays.

Today, my family and I cleaned out my Nannie's old house. There was a lot of junk in there, as she's lived in that house for a long time, over 45 years. It's kind of sad knowing that we'll never be back, that we'll never spend another Christmas there, or drive toy trucks over the hardwood floors, but things change. It's harder on my mom than it is for me; she grew up there, and I know she had a bit of a hard time just throwing out stuff that had some sentimental value, but no one would really want or be able to keep.

Tonight, my mom made a wonderful dinner, a stir fry with spaghetti noodles, and we all just sat together, watching a movie and relaxing. Well...we were relaxing, and then my mom decides to decorate the tree. My mom is very particular, and so the tree decorating is a one-person affair. But, the rest of us got to hold things! and hand her things! so we helped...a little, haha. The tree looks amazing, as always, and I especially love that the ornaments are not only as old as I am, but some were even made by my sister and me. There's one bulb that is red, with green sparkles glued to it, that says 2000. I made it as a holiday time-capsule and after forgetting about it for years, I opened it last year. It had a letter, written and addressed to me, in which I told myself to have faith, and never let anyone, especially myself, hold me back. I don't know how I was so cool back then to have thought of it, but I think I may get my sister and I do make some again this year. The stockings have yet to go up, but I have some work to do one those. My mom used to give them out ahead of time and I would decorate mine. The first patch I added was a ghost, because I loved the Ghostbusters so much, that I made when I was eleven. I know how old I was because the ghost is giving the "peace" sign and I did that because his fingers formed the number 11. Aren't I clever? The next year, I didn't finish it, but I made a soccer ball. I was silly though, and instead of sewing patches on, I tried to knit back and forth, filling up the hexagons. I plan on fixing that and adding a new piece, but not exactly sure what symbol to do yet.

Yes, it's nice to be back, and be surrounded by family and comfortable traditions. It's really nice to unwind, recharge, and kick back. I hope to add more holiday cheer to my blog, and to all those still struggling through school, good luck, I know you'll make it through.

To those still stuck at work, those already at home, and those still in school as well, the holidays are soon upon us. You've earned a break and I hope you get a chance to enjoy it and relax.

Oh, also, it's kind of funny. I'm in a position where I am semi-able to actually give presents this year, but oddly enough, my family isn't. So, I may just surprise them with gifts this year. I know they'll feel bad that they can't give me presents, but I'll reassure them of what they've already given me: love, support, and happy stability.

Take care, thanks for reading!

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