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Saturday, 26 November 2016

October in Canada: Ripley's Aquarium!

Today, we continue our tour of Toronto by visiting Ripley's Aquarium, home to sharks, manta rays, and more!
Ripley's Aquarium is located right beside the CN Tower. You may remember the photo we took from the tower, in which you could see the roof of the aquarium; painted to look like sharks circling the water, which is a cruel and cool touch.

See the aquarium on the right?
Of all the sites to which I took Juliette in Toronto, this was the only one new to me. The aquarium had been opened after I left for my studies a few years ago, and I just had never found the time to check it out. I was quite excited!

And I was not disappointed. The aquarium tour, while expensive, was also worth seeing. It featured several halls, displays, rooms, all full of exhibits featuring our fishy friends.

The main attraction was the tunnel. Featuring a "moving sidewalk", tourists are slowly led through the aquarium, while seemingly under and surrounded by sharks, turtles, coral, and many, many fish. It was a tranquil, immersive, and very interesting experience.

In the next chamber, we were able to get a closer view of jellyfish, and it was incredible! There was a large wall, full of water, and jellyfish all around. I am not sure what they were responding to, but they would all change colour at the same time and it was very tranquil. I tried taking some pictures and videos of the wall but they did not turn out well.

However, Juliette took some amazing photos of the jellyfish, which you can find on her blog here and here! Seriously, have a look, they're stunningly beautiful!

After that, some interactive panels...

Now I have the hearing of a bat! Does that mean...I'm Batman!?

That concludes our trip to Ripley's Aquarium in downtown Toronto. I highly recommend you go as it is a fun, serene, educational experience, where you get to touch manta rays! Thanks for reading, be sure to come back soon to see our awesome Halloween adventure!

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