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Friday, 18 November 2016

October in Canada: Le tour de la Tour CN!

Part II of the October in Canada series covers our trip to the tallest building in Canada, and the tallest tower in the world between 1975 and 2007! The last few times Juliette had been in Canada, we barely had time to see any of the sights. So, this time, I took a week off work and our first stop was the 457m of fun that is Toronto's CN Tower.
When you live in a place long enough, you tend to take some things for granted. For the average Torontonian, the CN Tower, the Roger's Centre...ahem Skydome, and city hall all fade into the background, just part of everyday life. However, these buildings are landmarks, and remain popular tourist attractions for many reasons.

Sidenote: For anyone thinking of spending some time in Toronto, I highly recommend the City Pass. For ~$70, you get admission to 5-6 facilities and save a lot of money.

Juliette was extremely excited to go! I was glad the weather had cleared up; the last time I went, it was so foggy that you could barely see anything.

The lobby has signage and information concerning the tower's construction and early days, as well as a miniature tower with which we just had to stop and pose.

The Tower features fake thunder and lightning, which Juliette was checking out here.

After that, we took the 2 minute glass elevator ride all the way to the top. There was no line, which was great, and the windy conditions outside meant the elevator ride was longer than usual. The guide was nice, making jokes and asking us about our time in the city so far.

The observation level of the tower features a viewing area, an area for printed photographs, and a restaurant. It also features the infamous glass floor, which allows you to look down, down, down to the streets below. I always find it amusing that the area features a sign showing how strong the glass is in terms of animals it could support. Something like 5 great whales could theoretically rest on the glass without breaking it, but that doesn't always reassure sightseers.

This picture could have been taken anywhere, but of course the nicest smiles from both of us also feature no background at all.

One level lower, you can step "outside" and feel the windy city. With our hair, I felt like we were in an '80s metal music video, but it was a lot of fun! 

The last stop of the tower was the gift shop. The usual fare, we looked around for anything interesting, and Juliette found a way to continue her tradition of taking photographs with giant fake Canadian animals.

All in all, it was a fantastic day. It was lovely seeing the whole city again, and it was better with Juliette and her enthusiasm by my side. I hope you enjoyed the tour, thanks for reading!

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