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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Working with Northern Sky Research!

Hello! Welcome to Embrace Space! In my last post, I hinted that a good opportunity had come my way, and so I am proud to announce that I have been hired! As you may know, I have been looking to begin my career in the space industry and it looks like I've finally found my chance!

I will be working as an Analyst with Northern Sky Research (NSR), a global leader in market research and consulting services within the space industry, and I am very excited!

I first heard about NSR while studying for my Masters in France. I was learning about entrepreneurship and business in the space industry and we had a guest speaker from the NSR. I remember finding their business process quite interesting. Analysts conduct market research, through phone interviews, reviewing economic and business reports, and staying aware of current events and plans under development, and then they bring that information together. This data is analysed in order to understand the market trends, and make quantitative evaluations and predictions on the current status and future development of the industry. 

NSR thrives due to its excellent analysis. It has earned a well-established reputation for providing precise and comprehensive information. Analysts are frequently hired for consulting contracts, and the company's market reports are highly sought-after. I remember when I first heard of the company I was impressed at the reputation NSR had made for itself.

Now, I will be working with them! A colleague of mine, who has been working with NSR for over a year now, reached out to me, saying there was an analyst position available. After reviewing the expectations of candidates, I realized that I would make an excellent addition to their team. The job calls for analytical thinkers (obviously), and those proficient with report writing and market research, and those comfortable conducting phone interviews, debates, and presentations.

An added benefit of the job is that it is not location-specific. The company has analysts who live all around the world. The team interacts online and over the phone and so employees can even work from home, wherever that is!

I am very excited to be working with NSR. The position seems quite perfect for me as it will provide excellent opportunities to learn about the business, interact and network with the key players, and start to make a name for myself. As analysts become more competent in their area of focus, they are often personally contracted for consulting services; companies will interact solely with the analyst. I want to work toward this, toward becoming a recognized professional in my field. I would enjoy the opportunity to meet and speak with other professionals and help contribute to a greater understanding of the space business and industry. While my love has always been for space exploration, business ventures are incredibly important for providing a backbone and alternatives to the industry. I am happy and proud to learning more about this, and to help business keep taking us to new heights.

Whether you know it or not, the business of space is booming. And, after a lengthy and arduous job search, I am finally a part of it!

Thanks for reading!

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