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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Ad Absurdum - Dark Souls and Destiny

New year, new podcast. It had been some time since we made one, so I roped Alex back in to making a podcast, this time talking about video games.

A few of my friends have played through the Dark Souls franchise and loved it. I've never played, and one of the only things I knew about it was that it was hard. Very hard. So mind-breakingly challenging that listening to avid fans of the series was like listening to someone under the influence of Stockholm Sydrome.

Still, despite its difficulty, it draws people in, and with the release of the trailer for Dark Souls III, I wanted to sit down with Alex and find out more.

Halfway through the podcast, I made a revelation. I have been playing Destiny, Bungie's successor to the Halo franchise, and I have been loving it. I realized an odd connection between Destiny and Dark Souls.

On the surface, the two games are very different. Dark Souls is a game in the genre of medieval fantasy, fit with knights, magic, and swords. Destiny is set in a futuristic science fiction universe, complete with guns, grenades, and aliens.

However, as we spoke more about it, I realized the games are actually very similar. They have under, and over-tones which mirror each other, and one could argue they are telling the same story in slightly different ways, through a different lens.

If you're interested, check out our podcast. At the very least, it's half an hour of us talking which is usually pretty fun!

Thanks for reading! (And listening!) 

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