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Monday, 23 January 2012

Mark's Journal #2: And so it Portsmouth!

Mark’s Journal 10/09/09 – aka 326

A sizeable gap occurs between this entry and the previous, that’s mostly because so much has happened.
First, we were licensed as adventurers, which in itself is both illegal and exciting. None of us are old enough, and none of us have taken nor passed the tests necessary to becoming full-fledged adventurers. This was a great source of concern, but after discussing it with P3TR, as well as Greg, the head cleric for the Erathis temple, it was decided that our good upbringing, combined with P3TR’s influence would justify such a course of action. We call ourselves The Guard, continuing the tradition of P3TR, Ray, and Avaron’s father Alan, who were The Keepers. To remember my upbringing and the lessons of order I learned from the Temple of Erathis, I made this simple symbol included below. The blue gear represents Erathis, god of invention and civilization, and the crescent moon represents my werewolf-like origins. With a blessing from Greg, along with some well-used armour, I was on my way.

Special note: I have decided to include pictures of the various maps, props, and all else inspired by this game. My friend, Marco Barrettara, was kind enough to take and edit the following photos. I thank him and all others responsible for all of this.

Made by: Dallas Kasaboski (me)

Our license, given to us by P3TR, is shown here. Not only a form of identification, our license also has the magical ability to display messages from nearby towns or cities, messages such as official cries for help or jobs. We look forward to helping those in need.

Made by: Michael McKenna (DM/Creator of Ori)

Made by: Michael McKenna (DM/Creator of Ori)

Collecting our supplies in the bazaar, we ran into misadventure with an enchanted sword. Unable to avert his gaze, Leviss touched the sword, causing orcs to be summoned who attacked us. While the battle with the orcs was insignificant, the sword was not. Forced to take it off the hands of the merchant, we brought it back to P3TR’s shop, there to keep it safe and out of harm’s, let alone any curious Kobolds’, way.

Not long after, the sword was stolen by a man in black robes. We chased him down, but he evaded us, leaving through a portal, dropping a dagger with a note that said, “Too slow”. I picked up his dagger, knowing that our paths would cross again.

After the man in black evaded us, P3TR thought that we should leave Central City, as our adventures were getting too hot for the city to handle. He gave Avaron a map of Ori, the continent on which we lived, shown below, which was used by The Keepers. Central City, as the name suggests, is nearly the centre of the continent, lying southwest of the volcano, just to the north of the bend in the river. We decided to head east, to Portsmouth, to seek adventure. P3TR told us he would investigate some of the aberrant creatures that we’ve already seen.

Made by: Michael McKenna (DM/Creator of Ori)

It was an uneventful journey to Portsmouth, the harbour town, taking a week. Arriving in Portsmouth, we could see the oppressive nature of the place. It was a dark, misty, foreboding scene, covered in the air of corruption and sleaze. It was not an inviting place.

Seemed like a good place for a starting adventuring party. Shortly after arriving in the town, we found a bag on the ground which had 20 copper pieces and 60 silver pieces, along with a list of 20 or so names, mostly checked off. I copied the list, and we left the bag where we found it.

We met a factory worker, named Atlas. He saw us looking at the bag and told us that we didn’t want to have anything to do with it as it belongs to a local enforcer named Tonis. Atlas told us that this town used to be great, but has been taken over by the sleaze of the mafia. We told him that we were adventurers, and that we would check it out.

Following the trails through the slums, we found Tonis’ hideout. After confronting him, we were forced to fight. This was, I think, our first real battle as a group. We were fighting for justice, and we were fighting together, not against aberrant creatures, or magically summoned orcs, but against a criminal, flesh and blood, looking for a fight.

We fought well together. There are still some kinks to work out, and some teamwork to build, but we trust each other and that was more than Tonis and his minions had. We captured Tonis and turned him over to the local Red Cloak law enforcement. I wasn’t sure how effective this would be as this same law enforcement was responsible for letting the city sink into chaos in the first place.

Dreben, a lieutenant with the Red Cloaks, was glad of our efforts and seems to be a good cop, one of the few.

Stabling our horses, Quinn, Frank, and Swiftmane Truefoot, at the Prancing Pony inn, we proceeded to Atlas’ house in the middle-class section of town.

Atlas and his family were wonderful hosts, serving an honest, yet meager meal. It is obvious that the money is not well-distributed in this town. Atlas has a wife Denise, and a scared looking child. I did not get his name. Atlas used to be a cleric of Moradin, a god of creation and the arts. He told us about his previous work for the town, and a story about how the gods Erathis and Moradin worked together in the beginning to forge the first civilizations.

The next day, we met up with Dreben who reported that some cargo has gone missing from a boat. We were asked to find out who has taken it, to where, and possibly, to get it back.

With a city this elusive, we had to get some information. Scowling the city looking for a rat, we found Johnny, a shoe shiner on the eastern end of town. For a price, he told us about Big Tony, who runs the mafia. He says that Big Tony is arranging a deal, tonight, to sell the stolen goods, and he disclosed the location. Informing Dreben, and arriving ahead of time, we attempted to build a trap. I have complete confidence in my fighting abilities and that of my friends, but why take chances. We made a pit, covered it over, and made it at the entrance to the warehouse where we believed the meeting would take place.

Big Tony, as well as Arthur Woolington IV, a rich mogul of Central City, showed up, readying a deal. From our stakeout location, we noticed Dreben approach the situation. My attempt to spring the trap saved Dreben’s life, as Big Tony’s shot hit Dreben in the shoulder.

As Big Tony was led into Dreben’s precinct, he gestured to a suspicious looking coin flipper who left the scene, perhaps to ready the others.

We’ve been busy. Arriving here at Portsmouth was easy; saving a city that has no hope, that might prove impossible. For Avaron, Leviss, Tori, and myself, the worst is yet to come. I have faith that we will meet it square on, with shield, bow, staff, and presence of mind.
We are the light in this dark city, we are young, and we are ready.
We are the Guard.

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