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Thursday, 12 January 2012

In Search of Fate: Introduction and Mark's Journal #1

The following post begins the Dungeons and Dragons journey undertaken by myself and 6 of my friends over a two-year span. The campaign, the story, is called In Search of Fate. The story is told, almost exclusively, from the perspective of my character, named Mark. In case you are unfamiliar or have a misconception of Dungeons and Dragons, the best way I can describe it is as interactive storytelling. The storyteller, the Dungeon Master (DM), tells the story, giving flavour to the world and the characters with whom the players will interact. The players make characters, humans or other fantastic creatures with abilities and skills of their choosing and make choices, affecting the story and the world around them. It's a fun, imaginative way to spend some time.

In this case, the creator of the world, the storyteller, the Dungeon Master (DM) is Michael CC McKenna. And the players, and their respective characters, are:

Dallas Kasaboski (me) - playing Mark, a Shifter Fighter (a shifter is a descendent of werewolves)
Stephanie Brennan - playing Tori, a human Druid
Dominic Matte - playing Leviss, a Kobold Bard (a Kobold is a sentient, 4 foot tall lizard)
Brittany Doucet - playing Avaron, a human Sorceress
Jason Brennan - playing James, a human Barbarian
Marco Barrettara - playing Gabriel "Skillman", a human hybrid of Ranger, Rogue, and Bard

Here is post #1, written by Michael CC McKenna, the Dungeon Master and creator of this campaign.

Long Ago, in a Familiar Land...

November 02, 2009 23:04
Discovery of Ori Ori was discovered in the year 197, a fleet of four ships under order of the king travelled across the unruly ocean in what many believed a madman’s attempt to circumnavigate the globe. Upon their return, they brought news of a bizarre land filled with strange creatures and tribal races on a distant continent.

The kingdom did not return to Ori for almost thirty years. When the first colonists arrived, however, they arrived in force. The settlement at Portsmouth was erected in a matter of weeks, with thousands of men and dwarves working hard for many long days to engage defenses and plant crops.
The first winter on Ori was devastating for the colony. Roughly half of the three thousand men, women and children died from cold, starvation, and the constant goblin raids. Portsmouth endured, however, and when the spring ships arrived from the Old World they found a determined settlement, filled with hardy people.

Here is post # 2, which marks the beginning of our adventure.

Mark's Journal #1 

So it begins...
November 24, 2009 23:10
Mark’s Journal 10/02/09 aka 326. The following is a depiction of events that occurred during my life and my reflections thereof. My name is Mark. I’d give you more, but I do not know the name of my clan. I am a shifter, a descendant of werewolves living in the land of Ori. Abandoned, kidnapped, or left at an age too young for me to remember, I grew up in Central City, Fur-lonn, living among the clerics of the Temple of Erathis. As such, I learned a great deal about discipline, and the benefits of a lawful good society. Training my mind and body, I have dedicated my life to serving the greater good. Despite living in a temple, in a city inhabited mostly by humans and dwarves, I have never felt alone. Growing up, I met Tori, Avaron, and Leviss, and we formed a friendship that would be later regarded as legendary. Avaron, the sly sorceress that she is, is the daughter of the famed adventurer Alan. Although her power is chaotic and evolving in nature, Avaron has been a great source of strength and stability for me. Tori, the elusively perceptive druid, keeps a close connection to nature, as she keeps a close connection with us. Her presence reminds me of my primal origins, and though I’ve spent my life disregarding the bestial side of me, through Tori I’ve been able to reconcile that and draw potential from the wild side of things. Leviss, the energetic Kobold bard, provides most of the excitement, and thus, the trouble, for the group. His spirit of adventure, and dedication to justice, has inspired me on many an occasion. I mentioned Alan, Avaron’s father earlier. What I didn’t mention was why he was so famous. Alan, along with Ray, and P3TR, Avaron’s present caregiver, were all members of the illustrious Keepers. Traveling all over Ori, fighting monsters, serving justice, and helping others, the Keepers were an inspiration to all of us. Avaron’s inspiration is a little different from the rest of us, as her father sacrificed himself to save the rest when she was very young. Nevertheless, we, young, brash, and foolish, strive to follow in their footsteps.

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