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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Back to school!

Leaves have started falling on the ground; the only type of litter by which I will abide. The colours of dying leaves oddly apposed to the vibrant colours of Fall fashion. My schedule is set, my goals have been made, and I am ready to go back to school. This is a very exciting year for me. It's my last year in university and I'm hoping it will be my most successful one yet. Many exciting projects coming up, some of which I will inform you of here, but needless to say, it will be a lot of work, and by the end, I want to feel more like an engineer than ever before!

So much movement. Two of my closest friends moved out last week and the week before. Two new roommates, and close friends, moved in with me. It has been a time of reorganization, stress, getting used to new things, and putting the weight of being awesome on my shoulders. A close friend of mine will be moving overseas soon, there to get her Masters in Environmental Archeology, a degree that sounds just awesome enough to be suited for her. I miss her already, but this year is all about the final stages of metamorphosis; of growing wings, and getting used to them. I will see you again soon, Spice Weasel, and I wish you well. Not to say that you need not keep in touch, because well, you should.

Life moves ever onward and upward, and right now, I am in the calm before the storm. I have all the energy and motivation and time to get things done, and yet, I have nothing crucial to do. I vow to remain steadfast, and I look forward to looking back.

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