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Friday, 16 September 2016

Parc l'Orangerie

Now that Juliette and I have settled into our new apartment, we have begun to explore the city of Strasbourg. One of our favourite places to go is the Parc l'Orangerie. So come, take a walk with us!

Two years ago, while I was studying at the ISU, I celebrated my birthday at this park. (You can see more of that here) Located on the northeast side of Strasbourg, next to the centre of European Parliament, the park is full of greenery, scenery, flowers, and even features a zoo!

Like many of us young people today, Juliette loaded up her Pokémon Go app to accompany us on our walk. It's a fun, creative way to encourage walking around and exploring the neighbourhood, and I enjoy the occasional outbursts from Juliette as she catches something cool.

We've walked the park many times, but this time I decided to take some pictures.

Notice the stork nests on the top of the building?

This tree was incredibly white. I wonder if it's related to the White Tree of Gondor
Hard to see here, but there's a tiny cave where all the ducks on the left seem to live

See the shadows in the bottom right? Those are turtles! There were 7 of them

There are so many things you can do at this park! There's a bowling alley and pool hall at the north end and, as you can see, you can rent boats and paddle around the water. There are play-structures for kids, and even a workout structure that made me think of my weight-lifting friend, Alex, back home. The zoo features monkeys, goats, and peacocks, but none of the animals were cooperating today so I didn't get any pictures of them. There are large open areas, popular for a game of Frisbee or wedding photos, and more secluded forested areas as seen below.

And there you have it! Just a few snapshots of the park. If you come to visit, we'll take you there sometime. Thanks for reading!

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