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Sunday, 21 September 2014

My week in Paris: The last few days...

Wrapping this up on my trip to Paris, this post takes you through the last two days I spent there.
Saturday's big events were visiting Le Sacré Coeur church (Sacred Heart) and the surrounding Montmartre district. The Montmartre district is an old one of Paris and rises on a hillside culminating in le Sacré Coeur.

The climb to the church was quite intense. I forget how many steps it took, but there were 4 sets of long staircases. We stopped halfway up at a little café, where Juliette enjoyed a coffee and I enjoyed a hot chocolate. I was reminded of my sister who, when last I checked, orders a hot chocolate whenever she goes out to a restaurant.

Finishing that, and climbing the 3rd set of steps, I got a better view of le Sacré Coeur.

The church itself was very impressive and very beautiful. Once we reached the top of the steps, we were delighted to hear old French songs being sung by a local who was cranking a barrel organ.

The church's interior was extremely beautiful as well, with several chapels ensconced on several wings of the church. However, as I started to take pictures, I was immediately told by someone that photos were not allowed. As I looked around, I saw several people power down their cameras.

The view of Paris from the church was also exquisite!

"One day, Simba, this will all be yours, everything the light touches."

The next day, Juliette and I walked over to the Museum of Modern Art. Turns out admission was free, so even better! It was an interesting museum but once again, I did not take any photos. The work had skill and took effort, but it mostly struck me as strange, not as fascinating. There were bowling balls stacked on canoes, and things like that. Anyway, the building itself was quite nice, as seen below.

And, after that, it was but a short walk over a bridge to, once again, see the Eiffel Tower.

And that concluded our time in Paris. All in all, it was an amazing trip. We got to see every piece of history and culture I had known about, and discovered so many other things. Each day was completely responsibility-free and we took our time exploring the city and having a great time. I have always wanted to get to know Paris a little more, not just because it is such a popular tourist attraction, but because so much history has taken place there and I knew so much about it from books that I wanted to see and compare with my own eyes.

I really hope you have enjoyed walking along the streets of Paris with Juliette and me. Thanks for reading, next time I shall wrap up things at the International Space University and talk more about my graduation.

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