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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Space. The Final Frontier?

Maybe, but more importantly, it’s my frontier.

I have been obsessed with space and space exploration my entire life. Most likely this began with my mother sitting me down to watch Star Trek at an early age, although she still pokes fun at how I didn’t, at the time, like “day-time Star Trek, only night-time”, the former being The Original Series and the latter being The Next Generation.

As I grew older, the final frontier didn’t loosen its hold on me. I read every book I could on the subject, tried to make every school project relate to it, and of course, continued to watch Star Trek. My parents fostered this dream, and shared it, loving every odd fact, idea, and invention I threw their way. My dad’s fascination with star-gazing even inspired my mom to get him a telescope to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

I have just about completed my Bachelor’s degree from York University, where I’ll obtain my Bachelor’s of Applied Science, Specialized Honours in Space Engineering. I plan on continuing my quest by obtaining a Master’s program in space engineering, and thereby become a qualified professional in the fascinating field of designing systems and spacecraft for, you guessed it, space.

But enough about me; I am starting a new series of posts aimed at bringing what I have learned to your attention. I have often found people interested in what I do, but it’s not always the easiest topic to bring up at a party. Actually, that’s not true, I’ve done it, and to a roaring success, but I’ve decided that I wanted to take you all on a tour of how to get to space, and what you’d need to do once you get there. I will do my best to walk the line between entertaining and educational, however should you have further questions or comments, please let me know, I am always looking for feedback.

In addition, if anyone finds any fault in my logic, please let me know. I am not afraid of admitting I’m wrong, and I’d rather have it pointed out and questioned than assumed to be right when that isn’t the case. Finally, if you have any ideas for further posts, I would love to hear from you!

So join me next time, when I walk you through the math and forces which need to be understood if you're going to break through into that final frontier! For now, enjoy this Russian Soyuz rocket launch photo!

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