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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Clash of Kings/Game of Thrones Season 2

In a flurry of enthusiasm, I dove into the second book and season of Game of Thrones and loved every minute of it!

The story intensifies as the struggle for power divides the entire kingdom of Westeros. Armies march and sail to war, and betrayal and magic run rampant. I mentioned in my previous post that it seemed as if magic was just waking up in this fantastic world, and the consequences and effects of that magic are explored here in season 2.

The characters and their stories continue to develop and it is incredibly exciting to witness the events from their eyes and even notice the same events from opposite perspectives, opposite sides of the same conflict. The casting proves itself again especially because Tyrion Lannister becomes such a prominent character.

Peter Dinklage, who plays Tyrion, does an incredible job at his role, perfectly bringing the character to life and even adding an embellishment or two. He is one of my favourite parts of the show, and his delivery is excellent. The character is a very interesting one to begin with, and Dinklage's performance is one I look forward to from episode to episode. Tyrion's character is clever, witty, and altogether bawdy. He is an incredible antihero, saying what most are too honorable to say, and is constantly making fun and pointing out the foibles of the other characters. This season gives him a chance to take a stab at power and responsibility and it is fascinating to watch him try to do the right thing, acting as if he's just as viperous as the rest of the schemers.

Jon Snow's adventures in the north are quite revealing, as we get a chance to see some of the most primal parts of Westoros. While the entire world is at war, the north yields a mystery and a threat which could be larger and more dangerous than all the other armies put together. Jon's fate seems to be one of some importance and following his story in the book and season was really interesting for me. Objectively, his journey could be considered quite tame at this point, really at the edge of action, leading up to something bigger, as the threat of which I speak only really reveals itself toward the end, but the intrigue and the development, while slow compared with the rest of the kingdom, is still captivating.

Arya is quickly shaping up to be of great importance and interest. Her character has always been quite enjoyable, starting in the first book/season as a stubborn youth who learns to fight, breaking the gender roles traditionally placed in her world, and this book and season give her a chance to grow some more and show off some of her cleverness. In an attempt to flee from the dangers which face her, she becomes captured by Tywin Lannister, father to the Queen and to Tyrion. The interaction between Arya and Tywin is riveting, laced with extra meaning, and one of those interactions which make one wish that the "bad guy" wasn't the bad guy after all. Arya's story is only really beginning and I'm really excited to see where she ends up.

Meanwhile, Bran's dreams are becoming more powerful, becoming real, and his abilities continue to grow and expand in potential and in shape. For now, the events which surround his life seem quite tragic and out of his control, but as his power continues to grow, I look forward to seeing how and where his actions fit into the war for Westoros.

Theon Greyjoy. I have tried to write this blog as spoiler-free as possible, and I will continue to do so, but forgive my roundabout way of writing this, and forgive me if I accidentally let a spoiler or two slip. Theon's journey is a sad one. Caught between a rock and a hard place, literally, he is forced to choose between two very different lives and either choice has deadly consequences. While I ended up not liking him, I felt truly sorry for the path which lead him there, and his decline, his bumpy fall, was hard to watch. Also, I felt more sympathy for him from the show than the book, which I find a little interesting.

The rest of the characters are, of course, fascinating, but I just wanted to give you some of my highlights. The world is at war, and everyone is plotting, scheming, and fighting for power. Dragons are alive once more, a sorceress unleashes deadly assassins made of shadows, warlocks cast illusions, and dreams become real. As soon as Storm of Swords becomes available in the library, and as soon as the next season comes out, I will be first in line to catch both, and if you are willing to join me, you're more than welcome to!

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