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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Interviews, callbacks, and boredom

Finding work is like holding a garden hose the wrong way. Nothing happens, no matter how much you turn up the pressure, and then all of a sudden, you get more than you expected, all at once. I've been looking for work for some time now, and hadn't really had a callback or an email until yesterday. Since then, I've had calls, emails, interviews, intake appointments, even calls requesting interviews as I was on my way to an interview.

It's been a fast-paced couple of days and I really hope something good comes out of it. It is looking more and more likely that I'll find something, but I'm really hoping to find something which adequately challenges me, employs and develops the skills I have/want, and is interesting/pays well/has good hours. The last parts are important, but work is work, and I'm flexible and know the market isn't.

Today was a pretty good day, and my interview with Shaw went well. The only thing I don't like about the job so far is the usual working hours. I want to have evenings and weekends off except that's the key time for a call support type of job. But, oh well, we'll see what happens. 

I had a second interview today, more like an intake appointment. It's a good thing I'm a patient person, because it took them two hours to get around to interviewing me. I guess the lady who wanted to see me was busy doing everyone else's work. In the meantime, they asked me to fill out some information about myself, and take a little test.

I guess they're more used to people who employ different skills or are not used to tests because the test was so easy, it made me look around wondering if taking the test was in itself a test. I guess I just take my education for granted, but it was pretty simple stuff. So, all of that took me like 15 minutes.

What did I do with the rest of the time? Well, the computers they had available weren't connected to the internet, so that was out, and they had locked out most settings and programs. Of course, I could have been silly and shown them my technical skills by bypassing these lockouts, but I decided to not be so rebellious, haha. Instead, I decided to draw this:

I drew it in MS Paint, as you can probably tell, and I thought it was nice, other than the weird colours. Special note: that w-shaped constellation to the left would be Cassiopeia, and the one to the right would be Orion. I should have drawn the Big Dipper because Cassiopeia and Orion would never appear in the same side of the sky at the same time, the first being in the north and the second being more southern (from a northern hemispheric perspective), but Orion is more interesting to draw. Additional note, the top left shoulder of Orion is red, because it's Betelgeuse (pronounced beetle-juice) and it's a red giant. Actually, it's set to go supernova, perhaps already has, and when it does, that'll be something to see. Of course, looking straight at it could make you blind, so watch out for that. The star in the bottom right corner is Sirius-B, is a massive blue-white dwarf. Anyway, I'm a font of trivia so I hope you've enjoyed that. Oh, another thing, I hope you got a chance to check out the transit of Venus passing in front of the Sun, it's cloudy out here and due to my super long wait at that appointment, I missed it. Oh well, guess I'll just have to wait for another 100 years or so, I'm pretty patient.

Anyway, so I drew the above picture and thought, "Okay, I should be able to go in there now, right?" Nope. I had to wait another half an hour, so I then decided to draw this:

Not as good as the first, because I didn't spend as much time on it, but I enjoyed the use of perspective. Anyway, long story short, don't let me get bored when I'm in reach of anything. I will mess around and I will find ways to be creative.

It impressed everyone in the office though, even my interviewer, haha. After that, it was a really nice interview we had and I'm glad to now have an additional pair of eyes looking out for work for me. Hopefully, I'll find something soon enough.

Tonight I get to watch Thor/George Kirk, Bella, and Charlize Theron battle it out for who's the fairest in the land! I don't give Ms. Theron any pseudonyms because she's badass in her own right. Deny it, I dare you.

Anyway, looking forward to it, thanks for reading about my day!

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