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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Mark's Journal #4: Rising action...

Mark’s Journal 10/15/09

Aberrant Stabberent
              After the discovery of the theft of the magic item, we made our way to Precinct 3 to talk to Drebn. We were waylaid by tentacle monsters, along with other disgusting creatures. We were blinded and clawed and attacked. Breaking off their attack, we made our way to Precinct 3 only to find no one there.

Training Day

On the way to Precinct 1, we noticed posters calling new recruits for the Red Cloaks. Crossing the water, we found Drebn training some new hopeful recruits. We told him about the missing magic item and he invited us to spar with his new recruits. Always willing to improve our skills, and never shying from a challenge, we decided it would not only be good for these raw cadets to learn something different, we thought it would be fun. It wasn’t as fun as we thought it would be. During one attack, Avaron lost control of her powers and tore at a student with a whirlwind of sand. Apparently, the students had already heard of her, and if they weren’t afraid of her before, they were now, calling her, “Maiden Majestic”.

This event has me seriously worried. Avaron has ever been a solid, logical person whose common sense and control have been a blessing on more than one occasion. If, all of a sudden, she is losing that control, I fear it is a result of a deeper problem. Not having time to address her directly about it, Drebn told us that the artifact was recently from Aristaal, the magical capital of Ori, ready to go to the Old World. The King had special people guarding it, and the item was sealed.

After all that, we went to Atlas’ to relax. I find much strength in him, and our visits always help to relax my guard. Perhaps, I should have been more aloof, because when we got there, we found his house ransacked. Atlas and his family were gone, there were signs of struggle, blood on the floor, and two people murdered. Tori sent an animal messenger to Drebn and we went to Johnny.

I’m tired of chasing these “people”. Getting to Johnny too late, we find him not only murdered, but disemboweled, slit across the stomach with a message written in blood saying, “PAYMENT IS DUE”.

I cannot recall every thought that raced through my head, or every emotion that showed its presence, but I know this: anger, disgust, and a need for justice drove my actions that day. I don’t know what I had been expecting of the world, nor of the creatures in it, but I did not foresee this. I did not think that the world had this much wrong with it. Justice will be served, if I, and the rest of the Guard, have to dish it out ourselves. I pray that Erathis, or any of the gods, watch over us, and guide us to assured and justified victory.

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